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Parents Hall of Fame

Mission Statement
Celebrating parents everyday who deserve praise for the time and love they have freely given to their children, a spouse and or others with generosity and kindness.

Be the first to nominate a Dad, Mom or any parent!

Our team is creating the first centralized database of exceptional parents around the world.

Real Testimonials

My mom has always been my biggest cheerleader, encouraging me to pursue my dreams and supporting me every step of the way. Inducting her into the parents hall of fame was a breeze, and the Parents Hall of Fame gift blanket is the perfect gift for her to showcase her achievement.
Olivia S.

My husband is my closest friend and support, and I appreciate his constant love and help. It was an easy decision to give him an award for being a great parent, and the polo shirt he got is a perfect way for him to show off to his friends and family.

Audrey C.

My wife loves relaxing in the Parents Hall of Fame hoodie! She seems to have an extra pep in her step while she’s out and about!

Caleb W.

This is a great gift anytime of the year!

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How to Nominate

  • To induct a parent, buy any piece of Parents Hall of Fame merchandise for your inductee.
  • We create a profile for the inductee that will forever stay on the database!

  • BONUS: Share their profile to your friends, their friends and family to get your inductee as many votes as possible. The 10 profiles with the most votes will win the Diamond Parent Award at the end of the year.

End of Year Contest!

  • After the check out is complete, SHARE your nominees profile on social!
  • 10 inductee profiles with the most up-votes from friends and family will win an extra prize at the end of the year!

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